What is Hot Yoga

Classes are performed in temperatures that are as high as 37C (imagine a tropical island with no breeze and you get the idea). The purpose built radiant panel heaters specifically heat soft tissue rather than heat the room itself making it a more pleasant environment to practice in. This provides a mentally challenging workout which leaves you with a feeling of immense achievement.

The way in which hot yoga differs from other forms of yoga, you have probably guessed from the name. The idea behind the heat is that warm muscles stretch further with reduced risk of injury and that as you sweat your body releases toxins. Whilst your body fights to stay cool, your pulse rate increases resulting in more calories being burnt.


Class Prices

Introductory Offer (new members only):
£30 for 6 classes

Drop in:
60 minute session £8

Class Card:
5 Class Card £40
10 Class Card £70
20 Class Card £130


Hot Yoga Tips

Drink plenty of water prior to the class. At least 1 to 2 litres throughout the day is best

Try to avoid eating a heavy meal 2 to 3 hours before class to prevent nausea

Respect those with allergies and don’t wear perfumed or scented products to class, as the heat and humidity will intensify the scent

This is your class so take it at your own pace. The instructor will be there to offer advice and support should you wish

If you ever feel nauseous, dizzy or tired during class, simply lie down on your mat and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the heat

Bring a towel

Relax, breathe deeply, and most of all, have a great class!